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The stainless steel barrel offers style and durability with the added luxury of a non-slip rubberized grip.  Boasting a designer metal clip that provides an elegant yet confident clasp.
Premium, ballpoint ink
Soft, rubber grip
Stainless Steel barrel
Secure, metal clip
Zebra Pen ShootZebra Pen Shoot

The 4-Series of the Steel family offers a more weighted writing experience for enhanced comfort. The F-402 Ballpoint Retractable Pen same stainless steel barrel for style and durability with the added luxury of a non-slip rubberized grip. Designer metal clip provides an elegant yet confident clasp for the executive shirt pocket. Refillable with F-Refill.

  • Stainless Steel Barrel
  • Available in 0.7m Point Size in blue or black ink
  • Easy Glide Ink Performance
  • Designer Metal Clip for Confident Clasp
Weight 0.02 lbs
Dimensions 0.5 × 0.4 × 5.24 in
Point Size



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14 reviews for F-402 Ballpoint Retractable Pen

  1. Tom Hurley

    This is a fine pen. It has the right amount of weight, and writing ability. Its a solidly built pen. For grippy-ness and comfort this pen is awesome! Unfortunately this pen’s greatest attributes is also its worst. The grippy-ness of the rubber grip area always causes it to get hung up in my pocket and(most times) I have to use two hands to get the pen out of the pocket. If the pen were offered with a medium point cartridge that would be another added star. However, if you like a fine point and plan to never put it inside anything, then its a 5 star pen no doubt. I will recommend this pen regardless of flaws because its a Zebra.

  2. Kirby Tennent

    As a lefty this pen is a godsend. I have been using it consistently for years.
    I never have to worry about smudges when writing long notes. The fine tip pen makes it easy to see what my sometimes close together and sloppy handwriting should be. The pen is comfortable for long periods of writing and I don’t recall ever having a pen stop writing before it ran out of ink.

    Great pen. Buy one. Buy Ten.

  3. Hugh O’Steen

    I’ve been using this pen for years and before that I used the F301. Both pens are great. The F402 has a nice solid feel and write very smooth. I get compliments every time someone else uses it.

  4. Dan

    I absolutely love this pen. I don’t use any other pen. Every other pen I use feel clunky and cheap to me while this feels like it’s a top notch quality pen. I live in Thailand so I really miss these pens. I can’t find them here at all. If I did, I would definitely buy the store out. Can’t go wrong with these pens. They never blot, never cease writing, and never fail. Great design. Excellent comfort. Just an all around great pen.

  5. Hap

    This has been my “go to” pen for many years. Can’t find a nicer ballpoint, and I’ve tried.

  6. bob

    Good pen but after using a week the steel started sliding down pen which pushed off rubber off. Bought another set and the exact same thing happened. going back to the F-301.

  7. Terry

    I love this pen!!!! I’m a nurse who writes many okay tons of notes. The only thing is I’m not able to find the F-402 refill. From what I understand they say that the F 301 is compatible however I tried it and was not satisfied. It’s like it kept skipping when I was writing.

  8. Terry

    I would definitely give this a 5 as I’ve been using it for quite some time

  9. fruitypuffs

    It’s a bit heavy so if you like heavy pens, get it. Otherwise, it’s kind of your average pen. I don’t really see anything special about it. I just really like the steel writing utensils but I don’t like it heavy.

  10. Lawrence (verified owner)

    I just bought a set, and after arriving home I used one for the first time.I was very impressed considering the price, it’s very well made and has a good feel while writing so I had to go on line and purchase the 301 series both in black and blue and plenty of refills for both my F 402 series and seen there was blue also so I ordered F 402 blue

  11. Jacob

    I’ve been using the F-402 for years, and honestly its one of my favorite pens. i still have a few where the logo is located on the side, which in my opinion has a better look to it. My biggest problem is the fact that the issue with the main steel barrel has yet to be fixed. It tends to slip down and reveals the plastic under the barrel which has a type of lubricant, my guess is that its used to slip it on in the first place. When yo notice that its begun to slip just trying to force it back up isn’t easy, considering the finish of the barrel and the small space to grab purchase of. one more thing is the clip, they always seem to rust. Don’t get me wrong its a good pen with a positive feel to it and an actuator that rises even when the pen is in use and doest move back and forth when you tilt your hand.

  12. Christian Artley

    This is an absolutely amazing pen for the time that is lasts, it writes deadly smooth and feels just right in both weight and length. However, I find that after about a week or so, they just stop working. In regards to ink flow, despite the ink cartridge being full, the ink flow begins to get rough and then just stop all together, and very suddenly. Again, big disappointment considering the duration and life of the pen, hence my rating. In my opinion, no pen is worth anything if it doesn’t write!

  13. Michael Wacewicz

    Hi Dian. To open the F-402, just twist the cone of the pen and you can open it to switch refills.

  14. James

    In my review for the f-701, I outlined a problem where the ring holding the clip in place tends to break quite easily (although I mistakenly implied that the 401 used the same black plastic component as the 701). Furthermore, I echoed the sentiments of other commenters who made note of the f series refills being comprehensively prone to skipping; which is an inherent problem.

    I’m commenting here to add my voice to the others who have mentioned the 401’s problem with the barrel (or tubing, perhaps , I am unfamiliar with the professional terminology). It does indeed begin to slide down the pen shortly after regular use begins. Eventually the rubber grip itself becomes stretched. In that case, even if you are to push the metal barrel back into place, the rubber can no longer stay in position because it has become oversized. Truly hope that you implement remedies, perhaps you could send an email once you do! Otherwise, this would be an extremely nice pen. You really nail so many aspects of the design like no other company seems to be able to; I think the pens just need to be constantly tested and improved upon when weaknesses become apparent. Thank you for your time.

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