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The heavy-duty stainless steel barrel with a knurled grip ensures superior writing stability.  Rugged and sturdy, this pen can take a beating and is specially designed to prevent corrosion.  

The 7-Series of the Steel Family offers a premium writing experience. The F-701 Ballpoint Retractable Pen is designed for the serious communicator looking to embody their personal style in their writing instrument. Features designer stainless steel tip, barrel and clip and a knurled metal grip for writing confidence. Refillable with premium F-701 refill in 0.8mm.

  • Stainless Steel – from tip to clip. NOW with an all metal ring and refill.
  • Fine Point Size – 0.8mm
  • Black Only Ink Colour
  • Easy Glide Ink Performance

Now Available at Walmart Stores across Canada!

Weight 0.046 lbs
Dimensions 0.5 × 0.38 × 5.25 in
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38 reviews for F-701 Ballpoint Retractable Pen

  1. Brent Hance

    Great pen. Love the metal barrel over the plastic of the F-301 but I wish it was available in blue trim also. When carrying in my pocket or bag, it makes it easier to see which color I am grabbing.

  2. Daniel R.

    Best pen Ive ever used for a low price pen. SS body looks sharp and wont slip out of your fingers due to excellent grip.

  3. Robert Chambers

    This is by far the best pen in Zebra’s line up. It is robust, and stylish too. I have had the plastic piece on the F-301 break, and the rubber grip on the F-402 grabs everything in your pocket and pulls it out with the pen. The only thing that keeps this pen from being the best pen on the market is the lack of a gel ink refill. JMHO.

  4. Rachel Brooke

    This really is a great pen. I love the way it feels and the way it writes. I would give it 5 stars except for one thing. It just stopped working, even though the ink if still full. If this problems gets fix, I will change my rating.

  5. Tom Hurley

    It writes excellent, has a great look, and feels great in the hand. The knurled barrel is just fabulous!! This is a 5 star pen, however, I rate 4 stars because of a cosmetic issue and an ink cartridge issue.

    The pen has a black plastic ring which surrounds the actuator, also the actuator is plastic with a metal sleeve over it. This makes the pen look cheap on the back and not high-end like I think they were going for here. Had Zebra incorporated the same parts they have on the F-402 instead (which are metal parts) the pen would be a true all metal body pen. Also, it only comes in Fine point and I prefer medium point ball points. Hopefully some day I will be able to give this one 5 stars.

  6. Sal, Jr.

    The pen is great for the exception of the black plastic ring at the top around the actuator. That piece just broke as the clip got caught on the lip of the top pocket it was in as I took it out to use it! Now the pen is useless. I agree with the review just prior to this one! The all metal piece holding the clip on the F-402 should be on this pen. I am not sure that I would buy another one as I feel like it will happen again.

    Please fix this issue and I will buy a bunch and rate it a 5!!!!

  7. Timoteo Saldana Honesto

    I am using both the pen and pencil at the community college I am studying at. They are very durable and take the rigors of being on the go. Since normal plastic bodied ones have the tendency to break in my pocket. I recommend both!

  8. John Stradling

    I love this pen! It has a sleek design and is built like a tank – compared to all other pens I own. It is a first choice when I reach to my desktop pen cup. My son borrowed it a couple of times and then asked me if he could take it back to college with him! On my wish list, I would really like to see a finer line width choice in their ballpoint refills.

  9. Alex D.

    I bought 4 of these pens in 2009 and after countless refills and loosing 2 to coworkers that after using the pen would not give it back and another just gave me $20 for one because he loved the feel and weight of the pen. Pen is great and the only flaw it might be the plastic ring at the top. Why? it should be all metal. So far i have had one pen fail because of the plastic ring becoming so brittle that it just fell apart one day , kept the pen for part for my other one . Today (10/10/15) im buying a couple pens to replace the one my stepdaughter borrowed so she had a nice pen to sign the dotted line after joining the Marines.

    • Joyce Chan

      Hi Alex, we are currently working on replacing the ring with a metal piece. Keep an eye out next year!

  10. Fraser

    I work in a very big, very busy hospital, and this pen has always been my go-to; I never leave home without it. Being (almost) all steel it’s easy to disinfect, has some weight to it which is really useful for flicking bubbles out of syringes, IV tubing etc, and tends to hold up very well overall.

    However, it does have one major flaw in the plastic ring around the top. Accidentally drop it at the right angle, and boom, the plastic cracks, all the pieces come shooting out all over the floor, and your pen is done. As a result, I’ve been through three or four of these in the last year. It’s such a shame that an otherwise perfect pen has such a fixable flaw like this. Were it not for that plastic ring, it would easily get a 5/5.

    • Joyce Chan

      Hi Fraser, very interesting feedback on your hospital experience! You are not the first to ask about the plastic ring. We are currently working on replacing the plastic right to accommodate hospitals and the food service industry. Keep an eye out for it next year!

  11. Hap Cummings

    This has been my go-to pen for 15 years. It always gets positive comments.

  12. Jackie Ausbrooks

    I have all three F-301, F-401 and F-701. These are the best writing pens I have ever owned. They are all built to last and refills are readily available. I never have an issue with these except having to ask for them back when loaned to a customer to sign something. They always want to keep them. Thanks for a great product!!!!!!!!

  13. Claudia

    It’s a great pen to have! One of the best that I have bought so far BUT now I am unable to unscrew it in order to refill it. Please let me know what’s the best way possible since I already bought the refill. THANKS!!!

  14. Jeff Grams

    I would give it a 5 star if you had a gel refill for the F-701. It’s been my every day carry for 5 years and I’ve been “hacking” another companies refill.

  15. Aaron Pressel

    Great pen only wish I could get gel refills

  16. Dzevad

    Excellent pen for the money; I prefer slick streamlined pens such as Parker Jotter and lately am using Zebra f701 which is very comfortable. Would like to see same pen with different colors of plastic ring (near the clip which is only black now) such as blue, red, green to be able to differentiate different ink colors when using more than one f701 pens.

  17. Rdelao

    I enjoy this pen. I loved it because when I’m in the field doing inspections, I don’t have to worry about getting broken because I bump my left side of my chest on construction equipment. Others are constantly braking. I do have an issue, the refill can’t seem to fit on the pen. I believe there is something stock at the top, I got the correct refill. I hate to buy another, when the casing is still good. It would be great to know if I can get it fix.

  18. George Allison

    This Pen would get five stars from me if the ink did not skip or all together just stop working. I have put new refills in only to have them stop writing the very next day. This whole concept is spot on. I like that it is a fine line ballpoint with ink, not gel. The ink acts as if it just dries out and begins to clot. Then stops. Please address this issue. Great Product!! ????????????????

  19. J Peloquin (verified owner)

    This is a great pen that I use all the time. I am a baker and am constantly around intense heat. This can cause the plastic at the top to be brittle and break. This is sad, since when this happens I still have 99% of a good pen that needs to be trashed. Not good (hence the 4 stars, not 5)

    Also, it would be nice to have it come with blue ink as an option.

  20. Eric Marcus

    I like this pen, it looks good and had good heft. I replaced the cartridge with a Fisher blue cartridge and it’s fine. However, I question the “stainless steel” construction – only the pocket clip attracts a magnet, no other part of the pen does. What’s it really made of?

    • Joyce Chan

      Hi Eric, good to see you’re enjoying your F-701! In regards to the stainless steel in our pens, we promise it’s real! There are actually 2 main types of stainless steel: austenitic and ferritic. The former is the kind we use in the majority of our products and is non-magnetic.

  21. Erik

    There is nothing quite like it in its respective price range, this is an almost perfect pen. Every internet blog says the same thing; the two things holding this pen back from perfection are the plastic end cap and the refill. I am excited to hear Zebra will soon do away with the plastic ring, and I strongly suggest Zebra make a Gel refill compatible version in the future. This is a very popular EDC pen and those two tweaks will be warmly welcomed. One last thought, does this pen have the same width opening for the ballpoint tip as the F-402? My F-701’s end hole seems to be too big for the F refill (I’ve bought more F cartridges so it’s not the refill), and the extra space allows the cartridge to bend within the pen and create an uncomfortable angle of writing. I have not seen this problem elsewhere on the internet so perhaps I have a fluke? I would greatly appreciate any feedback on this! Thanks!

  22. HEfromNJ

    LOVE THIS PEN. I bought two pens in NJ a few years back and I haven’t used another pen since. I travel a lot, especially in the middle east and this little pen has gone everywhere with me. Always does a great job, and has withstood the rigors of the desert. Such a joy to write and sketch with; heavy/strong feel, yet smooth and easy flow on paper. If I could have personally designed my own pen I don’t think I would have done any better than this Zebra ballpoint. I get a lot of compliments, and (because of its popularity) I always make everyone aware that it has an owner!

    I have to agree with the comments above tho, if there were a GEL REFILL (quick drying) option that would be awesome. I hope zebra can shed some light on future refill options.

  23. dios.csaba4

    Very good pen! I’ve lost, I’m sorry! 🙁

  24. DennisPhD

    I love this pen. It has the weight that I want with a fine point. I am on my second one though because I actually bent the covering where the ballpoint comes out and it wouldn’t anymore. Also, I too hate the plastic at the top. The nice thing is that I also have several 402’s in my bag. I have found out that you can take the top off the 402 and it fits perfectly on the 701. I now have the SS pen that really gets some complements. As a college professor, I am constantly writing things down. People often ask what pen I am using and where can they get one. My only qualm now is with the refills. I have found that the plastic refills will sometimes quit writing even when they are mostly full. The metal refills have never done this. Thanks Zebra for one of my all time favorite pens.

  25. Jason

    The tip/nub and metal click and head from the 4 series and this is a tank. However, it would be (and appears it will be in the future) a 5 star job if those minor tweeks were made. Another suggestion would be a medium point and blue ink option.

  26. Jory Jimenez

    Great pens. I have 2 that I have used for a year on patrol as an officer. One I keep an ink cartridge in and one I have modified a Nintendo DS stylus to fit in the barrel (to use on our touch screen in-car laptops and hald-held touch screen ticket writer. These pens really stand up to constant use and the physical nature of the job.

    The only problem is I have had to replace them each once due to the locking mechanism deteriorating and not wanting to lock the pen out or retract the pen when clicked.

  27. fruitypuffs (verified owner)

    Really nice quality, but heavy. I like it and if course you should expect it to be heavy but I thought it was really nice quality which is why I bought it. I’m not disappointed.

  28. Will D

    Been a fan of the Zebra F-301 for years, although I can feel a tiny amount of flex in the black plastic which always nagged at me a little. Saw the F-701 at the store yesterday and hesitated because of price. But, decided to get one anyway. I love it!!! Several co-workers have commented on it already, and the clip works better on an Army uniform sleeve than the clip on the 301. 😉

  29. Patrick Van den Bossche

    Real top quality pen both in functionality and design. One little suggestion, if the plastic ring holding the clip and clicker could be replaced by a stainless steel one you guy’s would have the best pen in the world! A happy customer!

    • Michael Wacewicz

      Thanks for your feedback. We’re glad you like the F-701!

  30. Zachary Moore

    Used by automotive tech. Indestructible. Worth every penny!

  31. Neil L

    I bought a Zebra F-701 stainless steel pen about a month ago because of the looks and the knurled grip. Two excellent qualities. Unfortunately, that is where the excellence ended. The refills are the absolute pits – so far as the writing quality is concerned. They last about two days before they start skipping as you write with them.
    At first, I thought perhaps I had ruined the ball point, so went out and bought two more refills.
    Each of those lasted a grand total of two days and then they also started to skip as the previous one did. Thinking that perhaps the shipment had been frozen or something strange had happened (in transit) to those refills, I went to a different store and bought two more refills.
    Each of those also lasted about two days and then they also started to skip as had been my earlier experience with the other refills.
    There is something definitely wrong with the design of the ball points. Perhaps your engineering is wrong – I would suggest you go back to square one and redesign the refills – especially the point.
    I like the pen itself – but to make a great impression you really need refills that work as great as the pen does.
    And to show the general public you embrace and value all customer feedback; you are encouraged to publish this review on your website and announce when you plan to redesign the refills. Should you fail to publish this review, as you have refused to publish other reviews regards this pen and refills – I may consider going public with further details. I remain open to reasonable resolution of this issue.

    • Zebra Pen Canada

      Hi – we’re sorry to hear about your experience with our refills. If you could please send us your address we would be happy to send you a replacement. I have sent your concerns to our quality control department. Thanks for taking the time to let us know.

  32. James

    I’d like to echo the sentiments of the previous reviewer about the refills. They have a terrible tendency to skip, far sooner than the cartridge that is included with the pen does (if it does so at all…), in my experience.

    I have noted the two respective types of cartridge are constructed differently. The included cartridge is plastic, if I am not mistaken; sadly it’s been a while since I’ve used one, though. The f-301 was my go-to pen up until I came to realize that the f series is plagued by quality control issues.

    But the main reason I came here to comment is in regard to another problem, specific to the 701 and also the 401, from. I have large hands so I would have preferred to use these models over the 301 (prior to my cartridge experiences), but I had to give up on them entirely.

    The black plastic ring that holds the clip in place on both the 401 and 701 is of drastically lower quality than the components on the rest of the pen. It breaks extremely easily if the pen is used on a daily basis, even in quite light conditions, causing the clip to come extremely loose. The clip constantly spins around thereafter and, in the worst cases, the pen becomes prone to falling apart into pieces out of nowhere.

    It’s a very sad issue! After discovering the f series I was instantly hooked. I became a big-time zebra loyalist quite quickly. Honestly, I was so happy to have found a line of pens that I was so keen on the design of. Thought that the search was over for good!

    Again, it’s very sad, because these two fundamental and constant problems are too extreme to bear, beyond any doubt. They effectively relegate the f series to the category of single-use pens.

    On principle alone, I cannot get behind that. Never mind the fact that they are priced accordingly with other multi-use options that are on the market. I have wondered frequently if this is a case of intentionally manufactured obsolescence, they barely last for the duration of the included ink cartridge…

    Hate to be so negative, I love everything else about them! But they’re entirely unfeasible options in their current state. Fix the problems and it will be a five star review.

    (While you’re at it, consider some more refill options, like a super smooth rollerball with really fine tips!! or a steel gel pen with super-fine tip options. That will be a fantastic addition to the line once you fix it!).

    Thank you for reading.

  33. James

    Apologies for continuing on here, but I really want to make it clear about how sad these issues make me when I think about it. I write by hand on essentially a constant basis at both work and school, and the 701 is just such an absolutely fantastic design in theory…

    The weight of it, the knurled grip on the barrel… it feels as rugged as it looks, and out of the box it is a total smash. A pure joy to write with, something to treasure having in your pocket at all times.

    I truly hope that the issues are fixed, I would like nothing more than to be able start using one again.

  34. James

    Hello, in the interest of accuracy I would like to issue a correction pertaining to a portion of a review I submitted previously. The issue with the easily-broken black plastic end-piece, which results in a loose clip and the potential for the pen to fall apart pretty easily, is specific to the F-701, and does not apply to the F-401. I apologize for that mistake.

    In order not to skew the overall rating of the product I shall submit this post in particular as a five star review.

  35. Chris

    Responses from Zebra to comments on this page say that the plastic pieces on the F-701 were going to be replaced with an All-metal design in 2017. It is now the end of 2018, and I have yet to be able to find the updated product. Where can i find the updated, all-metal 701?

    • Zebra Pen Canada

      Hi Chris – in Canada we sell the all metal version as the F-xMD.

  36. WorkingPen

    Great Pens, and a favourite at work. Would be happier if we could by them by the box and if there was a High Vis option as well. Even if it was just to have the clip be a high vis colour, anything that would help it pop out as have had some dropped into areas that were difficult to locate. The robust materials used in construction that make it a favourite also make it hard to find among machinery.

  37. Gary Lee-Nova

    A Zebra F-701 pen is the finest affordable pen in my experience . I’m 76 years old so I’ve owned many pens but nothing I’ve ever used has come close to the Zebra F-701. Thank you for such a fine product at such a fair price.

  38. pusoy21

    When will the all steel F-701 come out in Canada? It has been out in the U.S. for a while and they have removed the F-xMD from their catalogue? Do Canadians have to pay for the more expensive F-xMD just to get the metal ring instead of the black plastic ring?

    • Zebra Pen Canada

      Hi – it is available in Canada now via Amazon, we will be offering on our website very soon and it will be in Walmart stores across Canada this spring.

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