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Water-based gel ink doesn't fade or bleed, so you can produce crisp, clean documents every time.

The Jimnie Gel Rollerball Stick delivers an easy glide ink performance in a sleek, translucent barrel design for easy ink monitoring and effortless writing. Barrel colour reflects ink colour for pen selection at a glance.

      • Comes in 0.7mm Point Size
      • Available in Black, Blue, and Red Inks
      • Easy Ink Glide Performance
      • Refillable with J-refill
Weight 0.03 lbs
Dimensions 0.65 × 0.48 × 5.91 in


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Barrel Type

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Has Grip

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5 reviews for Jimnie Gel Rollerball Stick Pen

  1. Mike

    This is the smoothest rolling pen I’ve ever used. Love this pen. Hope they’re around forever.

  2. Matt

    Fantastic pens!

  3. Mike G.

    I was recommended this pen from a well know industrial designer so bought a box of 12. I must have gotten a batch made on a Friday afternoon, because they didn’t write well at all. The majority of them suffered with bad ink flow and inconsistent lines. I must say when they did write it was a nice pen, it just wasn’t too often. Of the 12 in the box…maybe 3 worked as advertised. If I can get my hands on a box made mid-week, might be a different story.

    • Joyce Chan

      Hi Mike,

      Sorry you’re experiencing problems with our products! Zebra guarantees the performance of all our writing utensils. I will ask Customer Service to reach out to you regarding replacement pens!

  4. Jessica

    I love this pen and have used it for years in the blue color. I would normally give this pen 5 stars, however, lately the pens I have ordered (from 2 different companies) are a different color blue and don’t write as smoothly. Did you change this pen?! I don’t like the new pens and really want some of the old pens. Is there anything you can do to help me? I have 2 boxes of pens with the new blue color ink and I can’t stand to use them! Help!

    • Michael Wacewicz

      Hi Jessica. I have contacted you hoping we can resolve this issue. Thanks!

  5. Sherrie

    I found out about this Jimnie Gel rollerball from a coworker (who is equally obsessed with pens as I am!), and I LOVE them! But I hate writing in black and blue, which is why I’m giving you four stars. Do you have any other colors besides black, red and blue? Like, purple, teal, pink, green, etc.? Thanks. 🙂

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$2.73 per pen
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