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Standards don’t need to lack style. The Style #2 Mechanical Pencil never needs sharpening. Features a large eraser that serves as an easy lead advancing mechanism. Each pencil contains 3 leads! Refillable with standard 0.7mm lead.

  • Comes in 6 great patterns
  • 0.7mm Lead Size
  • Each pencil contains 3 leads!
  • Standard 6” Pencil Size
  • Classic Pencil Feel With Hexagonal Barrel
  • Large eraser serves as easy lead advance mechanism
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Houndstooth, Blue Polka Dot, Green Polka Dot, Line Polka Dot, Pink Argyle, Miked Polka Dot

Barrel Colour


Point Size

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Has Grip

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6 reviews for Style #2 Mechanical Pencil

  1. Mira

    These pencils are great. They come with 3 large sticks of lead in each pencil and are easy to use. They are perfect! The lead is not to dark and not to light yet they are still so stylish. I’m loving my cadoozles.

    • Joyce Chan

      Hi Mira, we’re so glad to hear that you’re enjoying our Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils. We are currently working on developing an eraser refill that should be available for purchase early next year, so stay tuned! If you sign up for our newsletter, we will send out an announcement once it’s ready!

  2. DC

    The pencil was great, until the lead got stuck inside. I can’t get open the pencil to un-jam the lead in there. Is there a way to screw off the bottom part?

  3. Rachel

    I have bought Cadoozles before and have loves them. I bought this pack because I like the design and colors. However, each time I erase with them the erase breaks in half. I know how a lot of pencils, without erasers.

  4. Christina

    Really love these, my girls have bought a few packs now. But the eraser NEEDs to have a refill. They hate to throw away the entire pencil due to a worn eraser. (Would not be an issue except the eraser keeps the lead in.)

  5. Victoria

    Needs eraser refill.

  6. Kristine Bell

    These are my favourite pencils. They are better than more expensive ones. I love the distinct designs, you had different ones quite a few years ago with different patterns. I am worried you are discontinuing them, they are sold out in many stores. Or hopefully you are just changing the designs again.

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