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Write with distinction with our Zebra disposable fountain pen.  Fun and easy to use - a perfect introduction to the world of fountain pens.
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Capture the fun of writing with a fountain pen in the cool and easy to use Zebra Fountain Pen.  No need to mess around with inks and refills!  Smooth flowing ink makes for a great writing experience.

  • Smooth flowing liquid ink
  • Barrel colour indicates ink colour
  • Medium point
  • Non scratch tip
  • Stainless steel nib
  • Non-refillable
Weight 0.03 lbs
Dimensions 0.55 × 0.42 × 5.5 in

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14 reviews for Zebra Fountain Pen

  1. Maxan Russell

    This is a very very nice pen. It’s very smooth to write with. Never scratchy, and never skips ink wise. I always get many compliments when I use it. I would highly recommend it. One thing though, so many colours are advertised, yet only Black and Blue ink are available. What’s the deal???

    • Zebra Pen Canada

      Thanks for your feedback – glad to hear you enjoy writing with. There is a 7 pack available which contains all the colours (just click on the packs tab)

  2. Rob

    A very nice disposable fountain pen. It writes smooth and consistent. I tried on three types of paper from good quality to poor and the pen did very well on all.

  3. Dee Ell

    Lovely pen. I wish the other colors were available to purchase individually. I would have purchased 4 teal ones today.

    • Zebra Pen Canada

      Thanks for your feedback – sorry for the inconvenience!

  4. sisterofthesea

    Wonderful pen, but I wish I could buy the teal color individually (or in packs of 2), so that I could purchase several of them. I hate pink (and I’m not a big fan of purple), and the other colors are pretty normal so having to buy those just to get the teal color is not really worth it.

  5. Jamie Arseneault

    Great writing pen, i am curious to know if the ink is waterproof.?

    • Zebra Pen Canada

      Thanks for your feedback, glad you love this product! This pen uses water-based ink and is not water-proof.

  6. Zebra Pen Canada

    Fountain pens are now available individually in all colours!

  7. Francklie

    I really like these pens, they write very smoothly, but I just wanted to know if they are fade resistant or if the ink will do the same as any normal ball-point and fade over time. Thank you!

    • Zebra Pen Canada

      Hi – it is dye based ink so it will fade over time.

  8. petes

    does it have any flexibility?

    • Zebra Pen Canada

      Hi – it is fairly rigid.

  9. Ann E MacGillivray

    Was given one as a sample. Writes beautifully, but with everything these days being so disposable it would be nice if they could take refills because the nib of the pens writes beautifully and gives the fine point needed in accounting. So not trying to be hard on Zebra, but isn’t it time we thought of making this last by offering refills, instead of a throw away. Particularly to fountain pen users who never want to give up a pen when they find that perfect “nib”. The five rating is for the quality of the writing these pens can produce but not for the item being so disposable.

  10. Geeta Nadkarni

    Smooth, super fun to write with and the inks are gorgeous. The ONLY complaint I have echoes other reviewers’ – why disposable? In a world filled with plastic waste, that seems a truly sad and irresponsible thing to do. Plus it’s truly painful to throw out a pen that is SO fun to write with. Most of us choose fountain pens BECAUSE we want to develop a relationship with our pen. Please replace this version with a refillable one. And then take our money when we buy ink! 🙂

    • Zebra Pen Canada

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback!! Glad to hear that you are enjoying writing with it! We wanted to have a product that was easy and less stressful for non-Fountain Pen users to try!

  11. Robert Capezzuto

    i picked up a couple of these at staples the other day and i’m in love. the ink flows so well and the colors are great, the teal and purple are my favorites. i wish there was some way to recycle or refill them but at the same time there’s so much ink that they should last a while yet. all in all a solid fountain pen with a lot of potential

  12. Andrew Theodore

    As a left-hander, I had to give up using fountain pens because I would be constantly smearing the words. this fountain pen solves that problem. The ink dries so fast that it never smears. It is a very smooth flowing pen, nice to write with. The review would have been 5 stars except for my issue with the cap (specifically on the blue pens….doesn’t seem to happen on the red). I ordered a box of these and I am almost through it and it has happened with every pen. The cap cracks and will no longer stay on, every time you push it down, it pops back up. If you don’t notice it, the ink dries and you have to spend a few minutes getting it flowing again. It’s gotten to the point that I take a cap of the old red one and use that on the blue. If you like writing with a fountain, this is a good pen for you.

  13. Sheila Mitchell

    Love the Zebra pens and the shades of colours. I am using them in my art with watercolour paints. Once they dry there is very little bleeding into the new colour.
    I hate to through pens out and Staples accepts all pens for recycling.
    One Questions can I buy cartridges for them, is there a video on your website show this? Thanks

    • Zebra Pen Canada

      Hello Sheila – Unfortunately our fountain pens are non-refillable.

  14. Mel Orecklin

    I like the pen and have not used a fountain pen for about 50 years!. A nice change from my regular writing implement.

    The pen top has stopped working. If the pen is inserted into the top, it is immediately pushed out with force. When this first started a few days after the first use of the pen, the bottom part flew out to the other side of the board room I was in. Because it is a fountain pen, the pen will dry out and will leave a big black stain on your shirt if it is not capped.

    I suggest the company correct this problem. Please feel free to replace the non-working example.

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